Technology and the Intern

One of the goals in the Project SEARCH curriculum is to train interns in the area of computer technology in everyday life. The ability to demonstrate basic operation (turning on and off, printing documents, opening documents or software) is the important first step in the learning process. Other goals to meet are:

  • Create and save documents using appropriate software
  • Navigate websites to locate information to complete a task or answer questions
  • Establish and use an email account (ex. sending emails, attaching documents…)
  • Create a presentation
  • Data Entry practice
  • Understanding the importance of online safety and how to protect oneself in an online environment
  • Understanding the positive and negative consequences of personal choices in an online environment
  • Demonstrating the importance of following workplace policies in regards to personal and workplace devices
  • Demonstrating the ability to appropriately respond to/or take messages through different forms of technology in both personal and workplace situations 

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