Reverse Job Fair

On March 13, 2018 the Project SEARCH interns at Rice Lake Weighing Systems hosted a reverse job fair to demonstrate their newly acquired skill sets, including independency and personal development skills as well as

practical work related and manufacturing skills.

Many businesses from the Rice Lake and Barron areas attended the reverse job fair to see if an intern would be a good fit with their company as a prospective employee after completing the Project SEARCH internship.

Also in attendanceat the reverse job fair was State Legislative Representative Romaine Quinn. Quinn interviewed each intern and provided encouragement and helpful feedback to promote intern growth and prepare them for the workforce.

In addition, long term care providers and representatives from the state Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) attended to help interns plan for their future as independent adults in the community.

Our local Project SEARCH committee was very pleased to see involvement from local school districts as well! Partnering with area schools in an integral part of ensuring Project SEARCH succeeds, and we encourage all faculty and staff from area schools to inquire about Project SEARCH and how their students can benefit from completing an internship at Rice Lake Weighing Systems.

Overall, we cannot be more pleased with this year’s Project SEARCH reverse job fair at Rice Lake Weighing Systems. The ability to see the interns present their growth and skills is an incredible testament to the benefits of this program.


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